v1.0.*.* - 07-23-12 (not posted)

v1.0.2.11 - 07-23-12
-disabled 'older' Firefox version, Mozilla has removed the files and the links are invalid
-disable checking MD5 sums, for now

v1.0.2.10 - 07-01-12 (not posted)
-changed 'Plugins' groupbox text to bold
-fix bug with 0 byte files created when download flash installer
-fixed bug when deleting files that are open, by adding dialog to close explorer
-fixed bug where files named prefs.*, other htan main prefs.js were never copied

v1.0.2.9 - 04-02-12
-fixed check boxes that should be unchecked when no Firefox profile is found.
-properly fixed bug in getting correct install path, introduced when I changed compile from "x86" to "AnyCPU", as identified by MSFN user

v1.0.2.8 - 03-15-12
-fixed bug in getting correct install path, introduced when I changed compile from "x86" to "AnyCPU", as identified by MSFN user

v1.0.2.7 - 03-09-12
-out of beta, begin versioning at, revision number will increment with every commit, not every revision will be posted as an update
-check timestamp of local Flash Player Installer, if older than that on server, download new file
-fixed "Pinned" shortcuts
-rename "Quick Launch" to "Taskbar"
-correct tab order
-strengthened reg-ex for version number after Mozilla made changes to the "" web page
-installer now removes public profile created within the Firefox installation path
-complete proper GPLv2 License requirements
-complete git integration @
-add update utility

v0.9.0.5 - 03-01-12
-fixed file copy overwrite
-fixed bug in paths
-completed addon creation
-file created in same as location as FFaM, moved from desktop
-completed flash installer - on 64-bit systems the 64-installer is used
-completed Shockwave installer - on first use of Shockwave, you will have to approve the license and complete the install
-added language identifier to installer filename
-completed custom install location
-completed custom profile name and/or path
-completed set as default browser
-completed shortcuts creation

v0.9.0.4 - 02-27-12
-fixed file copy overwrite

v0.9.0.3 - 02-27-12
-added background for better readability
-added mouse over text highlighting
-added png for display images as WinXP can't display icons in picturebox
-fixed bug in paths

v0.9.0.2 - 02-26-12
-fixed install creation location, moved to Desktop
-changed working folder from temp1 to Firefox
-edited 7zsd.sfx so the silent installer will show more information about Firefox version, instead of 7zsd.sfx version

v0.9.0.1 - 02-26-12
-initial posting for new version written in C#
-completely rewrote in C#

v0.8b6 - 10-04-11
-fixed <a> tags not showing the correct link and cursor
-renamed from Firefox Addon Maker to FFaM
-reinstated script to 'fixextensions'

v0.8b5 - 10-04-11
-fixed shortcuts creation, still can not delete the shortcut at 'Start Menu\Programs' during uninstall
-fixed problem with loading localized text
-removed WGA\OGA plugins
-fixed error when loading settings and reverting to orignal text

v0.8b4 - 10-04-11
-fixed error with Adobe Flash getting the incorrect version, Abode made a minor change to web page
-added 3 additional styles
-removed unneeded images and scripts
-added additional routine to get screen size
-unified differing opacity levels.
-re-enabled proxy settings
-removed "use strict"

v0.8b3 - 10-01-11
-removed copy cmd that would sometimes fail
-added stop all animations when left clicked during splash screen
-replaced background image with the original image

v0.8b2 - 09-29-11
-fixed Compatibility Wizard - technique changed after Gecko version 1.9.2 - Firefox 3.6
-fixed <a> tags not showing the correct link
-corrected some typos

v0.8b1 - 09-28-11
-rewrote everything, removed all CSS and scripting from HTML
-rewrote almost all of the vbscript in javascript
-moved all language files to javascript to make it easier to update and create additional language files
-removed Ayakawa Firefox links
-removed tete's Firefox links
-removed Older Versions Firefox link
-removed Local System radio button
-removed Default paths checkbox
-removed Sharma's Firefox version
-removed Pigfoot's Firefox Version
-removed all logging and log files
-removed animated twitter icon
-removed Silent Installer (with visual queues)
-removed Windows 7 Toolkit addon
-removed editing install.rdf files
-removed remove branding
-removed Silverlight
-removed QuickTime
-removed QuickTime Alternative
-removed RealPlayer
-removed RealPlayer Alternative
-removed Adobe Reader
-removed Foxit Reader
-added Include Sessions
-added Include Hyphenation
-added Disable Crash Reporter
-available languages are now dynamic and dependant on version chosen
-so many, I can't remember everything that was changed
-*known issues*
-Proxy setting not implemented
-Column 2 not always displaying tool-tips and hovers properly
-Not sure if WGA\OGA works properly
-I have not tested in anything other than Windows 7 x64

v0.716 - 07-08-10
-re enabled all plugins. Updated versions fixed previous component problems.
-updated to WGA v.1.9.0042.0
-updated to QuickTime v.
-updated to QuickTime Alternate v.3.2.2
-updated to RealPlayer v.
-updated to RealPlayer Alternate v.2.0.2
-updated to Adobe Reader v.
-updated to Foxit Reader v.2010.03.12
-updated to Silverlight v.4.0.50524.0
-updated Flash Player silent switch

v0.715 - 01-11-10
-added Twitter Link
-fixed bug with Silverlight status saving incorrectly
-added script to check Flash Player, Shockwave Player and Silverlight for updates at the same time as "Check Updates", this will only be done if those files already exist in the Files folder
-fixed links for Firefox "RC" Versions

v0.714 - 12-26-09
-changed script for checking version for saved file
-removed pluginreg.dat from files watched - it has hard coded paths and is included with plugins. it is created on first run
-fixed copies compreg.dat(automatically regenerated as needed), found some systems have copy in the compoments folder
-changed installation order, moved Shockwave and flash before setting firefox as default and creation of profile
-added dynamic creation of plugins.txt file for future releases of Firefox, where the contents may differ
-discovered reason for some plugins not working properly with 3.6 ( - this may be backported to 3.5
-for now, any plugin that installs file into the components folder do not work in 3.6. This includes WGA and OGA, RealPlayer and RealPlayer Alternative, QuickTime and QuickTime Alternative.
-for Firefox Version 3.6, I have disabled plugins that install files to the components folder, until those plugins are updated for Firefox 3.6. This includes WGA and OGA, RealPlayer and RealPlayer Alternative.
-no longer copying all of the components and plugins if the file is part of the installation of one of the included plugins, regardless if the plugin is selected or not. I am looking for installers to include and replace the plugins.
-fixed Firefox Versions spans to correct CSS hover style after updating links
-fixed path for filecopy of QuickTime Alternative
-no longer including Flash Player Installer
-no longer including Shockwave (slim) Player Installer
-added option for Shockwave (full) Player
-added Silverlight Plugin installer , when the download location changes, it will download from, notifying me to update the script to new path

v0.713 - 12-23-09
-completed Window 7 Toolkit Addon, it uses the silent installer and a RunOnceEx reg entry to run the installer on first log in (thanks to DaRk MaDnEsS for his assistance)
-fixed Firefox Versions spans to correct CSS hover style after updating links

v0.7122 - 12-21-09
-added link for email support

v0.7121 - 12-20-09
-updated "Check for Update" script will now attempt to download the current file and if successful, will close current file and open new file

v0.712 - 12-20-09
-fixed error when Splash Screen timer does not fire properly
-fixed error getting file versions on systems other than English
-styles have been made entirely dynamic, just add CSS file to the bin\styles folder and any images to the bin\images folder and run the script
-fixed bug when getting firefox path for WinXP users and firefox is installed

v0.711 - 12-18-09
-fixed link issues with tete's versions and Sharma's Blazing Fast versions
-changed hta size slightly to 1019x715

v0.710 - 12-17-09
-fixed shortcut creation
-added Pin to Start Menu for Win7 users - in all languages previously included for Pin To TaskBar
-made it possible to remove additional icon sets(smaller download for users that don't use the custom icons)
-additional icons in future releases will be in a separate file(place them in the same folder as Firefox Addon Maker)
-inclusion of additional icon sets is dynamic, add your own icons in the same format as the default icon set
-inclusion of additional style sheets is dynamic, add your own styles in the same format as the default and name it style01.css through style10.css
-removed Flash plugins and added Flash Installer, this dynamically updates to current version when user updates links
-removed Shockwave plugins and added Shockwave Slim Installer, this dynamically updates to current version when user updates links
-fixed bug when load saved settings, the saved version number would be loaded

v0.7091 - 12-14-09
-fixed Black & Red icon set
-fixed typo in writing install.ini, if Destination Path was not in %ProgramFiles% would cause error

v0.709 - 12-13-09
-fixed bug that if user checks Use Custom Icon and does not select an icon, then no icon will be resource hacked
-fixed bug with css causing layout to shift left
-added Black & Red icon set

v0.708 - 12-13-09
-added czech, danish, german, english(another), estonian, finnish, french, croatian, hungarian, italian, lithuanian, latvian, norwegian, portuguese, roamanian, slovenian, swedish and turkish strings for 'Pin to Taskbar'
-resource hacked sfx file to require admin privileges
-fixed bug when loading saved settings and paths to firefox and profile does not exist
-added option to create silent installer with visual queue
-added script to remove "user_pref("", "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop");" from prefs.js. This line can cause Vista and Win7 users unable to right click and save images
-added select and view custom icons
-added script to resource hack the sfx file to use whichever custom icon is selected or if none is selected, then the sfx will be resource hacked with the vanilla firefox icon
-updated icon set
-added selectable themes and added 2 basic themes
-cleaned up background image
-fixed hta size for screens resolutions smaller than 1100 pixels wide
-added several additional icons

v0.707 - 12-11-09
-removed various string\integer bugs
-removed several global variables
-added more error checking and validation
-added more logging to help track down bugs
-fixed several bugs
-added delay during firefox installation to allow profile creation to complete before continuing
-removed intLen routine
-added option to view detailed log and set no details as default
-fixed bug not recognizing a corrupt or incomplete download by adding script to get 7-zip extraction error codes to verify proper extraction - if error code 2, the file is deleted and downloaded again
-updated Adobe Flash Player to version
-added SendKeys to refresh the screen after deleting the shortcuts
-fixed overwriting of some newer components and modules files with older versions, now only copies components and modules that do not exist in the version you are creating
-added script to remove installer created shortcuts when uninstalling - only removes shortcuts created by the installer - Works for all shortcuts except 'User Pinned'
-added slavok, polish and spanish strings for 'Pin to Taskbar'

v0.706 - 12-02-09
-fixed bug when reading registry for firefox and firefox not installed
-fixed bug where when browsing for folder and cancel is selected
-fixed bug when trying to copy helper.exe and file does not exist
-added several outdated older vanilla versions of Firefox
-changed links for outdated older Firefox versions after Mozilla removed previous links
-added Tete's Beta SSE Version
-added Tete's Beta SSE2 Version
-added ability to only download links to the file you wish to build
-added status
-added usage validation
-fixed check update
-updated to QuickTime v.
-updated to Quicktime Alternate v.3.1.0

v0.705 - 11-20-09
-added text highlighting
-added use proxy if necessary(needs testing)
-removed option to "view Hidden" files\folders since it is necessary
-fixed pigfoot's beta weblink
-moved the remaining text to localized files - except drop down menus
-fixed bug that would install to the incorrect path when the current and addon paths are different
-added option to "Check for Updates"
-checking for updates is automatic when you click "Update Links" - this will add notification in the title bar
-added --referer and --user-agent to wget command to make wget not appear to be a script or robot
-added script to check the registry for installed firefox location
-added look for firefox path in the registry, to assist in populating the path
-added read profiles.ini for installed profiles and if more than 1 installed profile then a dropdown list will be created for profile selection.
-If your profile is not in the dropdown list selection, you can still choose a profile from any another location
-fixed a bug when loading saved files when some of the strings are empty
-renamed Silent Addon output file
-fixed bug where silent addon was being created incorrectly
-fixed bug with positioning the screen
-added check for update
-added script to remove Mozilla Firefox Beta shortcuts

v0.704 - 11-16-09
-fixed bug in W7T addon not being created
-added script to properly resource hack the beta Firefox versions
-disabled 'Set Proxy' until completed
-fixed bug that is evident when loading saved settings and you have unchecked 'Use Defaults'

v0.703 - 11-16-09
-added several locale id's used to determine language type
-renamed shortcuts
-added more error checking and validation
-added Tete's SSE2 Optimized Firefox Version
-added Pigfoot's P3 Beta Firefox Version
-added links and filenames to saved filed and can now run without downloading new links
-fixed bug with language selection that occurs only when changing language choice after updating links
-fixed links for plugins
-updated Adobe Shockwave to
-fixed bug where user selected language not being used
-fixed bug where extensions not being used
-updated OGA to
-updated QuickTime Alternative to 3.0.1
-updated Real Alternative to 2.0.1
-updated Foxit Reader to 2009.11.11
-added option for silent installer addon

v0.702 - 11-14-09
-changed widow positioning script
-fixed error in shortcut creation when not using an installed firefox path
-removed typo in shortcuts
-added Kazakh language option
-added Malayalam language option
-added Oriya language option
-added Romansh language option
-added Spanish(Chile) language option
-added Spanish(Mexico) language option
-added Tamil language option
-added Tamil(Sri Lanka) language option

v0.701 - 11-14-09
-added Assamese language option
-added Croatian language option
-added Persian language option
-added Vietnamese language option
-added option for W7T addon - needs testing
-added script to create registry key when not present - "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Hidden"
-removed popup during installation
-added option to change installer's compression level
-fixed profile creation
-fixed broken homepage links for all Firefox Versions

v0.70 - 11-12-09
-significantly reduced the number of global variables
-removed all translated localized files, because of significant changes
-removed Install extensions as Global, Gecko will remove this feature as of v1.9.2.0
-no longer using override.ini to disable the Migration Wizard, editing the application.ini directly
-upgraded tbind.exe to v2009.1.2.618
-removed tete's 3.0.0.x as it is no longer available
-removed "True" Addon option - I created the inf installer before I knew the possibilities of 7zsfx and vbscript
-changed silent installer from a modified inf installer to a 7-zip sfx silent installer to accommodate the use of original installer and a configuration file
-upgraded 7-zip to v4.65
-added multi-threading to 7-zip operations
-updated KnownFolderID's to reflect changes made for Vista and Win7
-added the creation of compatibility.ini for disabling the compatibility wizard - does not work when going from x86 to x64 or vice versa
-added time stamping
-no longer using gsar, now using regular expressions in vbscript
-fixed pigfoot's links to get the current version, not the next to current version
-added files that are language specific
-added userChrome.js(user overrides) to files watched - included with preferences
-added userChrome.css(user overrides) to files watched - included with preferences
-added userContent.css(user overrides) to files watched - included with preferences
-added user.js(user overrides) to files watched - included with preferences
-added urlclassifier.sqlite(Phishing protection) to files watched - included with preferences
-added urlclassifier2.sqlite(Phishing protection) to files watched - included with preferences
-added urlclassifier3.sqlite(Phishing protection) to files watched - included with preferences
-added urlclassifierkey.txt(Phishing protection) to files watched - included with preferences
-added pluginreg.dat to files watched - included with plugins
-added permissions.sqlite(Permission database for cookies) to files watched - included with cookies
-added persdict.dat(personal dictionary) to files watched - included with preferences
-added cert_override.txt(certificate exceptions) to files watched - included in passwords
-added signons.txt to files watched
-added Proper Italian translation provided by nonno fabio
-fixed overwriting newer modules with older versions
-fixed overwriting newer components with older versions
-fixed overwriting the new defaults plugin with an older version
-fixed removing the extensions folder from the vanilla firefox installer
-fixed copies bookmarks.html if places.sqlite exists and deletes bookmarks.html from installer
-fixed copies compreg.dat(automatically regenerated as needed)
-fixed copies search.json(automatically regenerated as needed)
-fixed copies files that create -number files
-only copies the newest version of signons(signons.sqlite, signons3.txt, signons2.txt, signons.txt) available in the profile
-only copies the newest version of keys(key3.db, kf.txt) available in the profile
-only copies the newest version of cookies(cookies.sqlite, cookies.txt) available in the profile
-only copies the newest version of permissions(permissions.sqlite, hostperm.1) available in the profile
-only copies the newest version of forms history(formhistory.sqlite, formhistory.dat) available in the profile
-only copies the newest version of downloads history(downloads.sqlite, downloads.rdf) available in the profile
-only copies the newest version of search history(search.sqlite, search.rdf) available in the profile
-only copies the history.dat if places.sqlite does not exist in the current profile and has been copied

v0.608 - 09-12-09
-fixed issues with incorrect links and filenames
-removed edit of 2.0.0.x files
-removed editing of 2.0.0.x addons
-updated Flash plugin to v.
-updated Shockwave plugin to v.
-updated Quicktime plugin to v.
-updated RealPlayer plugin to v.
-updated Quicktime Alternative to v.2.9.2
-updated RealPlayer Alternative to v.2.0.0

v0.607 - 07-09-09
-fixed issue with version 3.5
-fixed Blazing Fast links
-fixed View Hidden link to allow its use
-added Latvian and Estonian language choices
-removed 2.0.0.x version options
-updated editing install.rdf to reflect removed 2.0.0.x versions and added edits for 3.5
-updated Adobe Shockwave to version
-updated Quicktime Alternative to version 2.9.0
v0.606 - 06-25-09
-fixed issue with RC filename
-fixed issue Blazing Fast version number showing incorrectly

v0.605 05-07-09
-fixed bug where when not using current configuration, create addon was grayed out

v0.604 05-07-09
-updated Shockwave to

v0.603 - 04-04-09
-Dutch translation completed by fixit
-separated Optimized versions to type
-added Sharam's "Blazing Fast" SSE2 Optimized Firefox Versions
-removed Help Popup Windows and placed Help inside table in main page
-added German, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch translations - created with
-tweaked table positions for better uniformity
-added links to all programs used
-increased contextual help
-Added Real Alternative 1.90
-Added Quicktime Alternative 2.8.0
-added additional registry entries to ensure Firefox is registered as "Being" installed
-all text is now localized
-fixed issue where timer is not restarted on subsequent runs
-added script to validate saved paths when loading
-added script to invalidate a New Profile Path that is in a sub-directory of the default location
-added new Localized Firefox builds - Bulgarian, Esparanto, Occitan and Welsh
-merged RealPlayer and Live Connect
-added Adobe Reader 9.1 plugin

v0.602 - 03-26-09
-removed ability to keep the extensions status - files used absolute paths to extensions
-fixed issue where when returning from help screen, the window would refresh improperly
-fixed button sizes
-moved Foxit Reader to "Additional Software Needed"
-added missing files for RealPlayer Plugin

v0.601 - 03-21-09
-fixed issue where when returning from help screen, the window would refresh improperly
-added option to keep extensions.ini and extension.rdf. These files store the status (disabled or not) of each extension. If these files are not present, they are regenerated, automatically.
-fixed issue where when leaving Firefox Addon Maker to Main with the title was incorrect
-removed firefox icon from 7z file

v0.60 - 03-20-09
-added plugin for Foxit Reader
-updated plugins: Flash v., Shockwave v.11.0.472, WGA v1.9.0009.1, OGA v.1.7.0111.00, QuickTime v., RealPlayer v. and Live Connect v.
-added status bar - Credit to mr_unreliable for his work
-re-written to all text localize-able
-added off-line mode to allow for building installer from your current installation
-added script to attempt to locate your current installation folders
-removed all tool-tips and replaced with "?" help screens
-fixed issues with 3.1.x Optimized versions
-fixed issue with 3.1.x versions branding not being removed

v0.517 - 2-06-09
-removed broken links for Optimized 2.0.0.x versions of Firefox - Temp fix

v0.516 - 1-19-09
-removed installer and reverted to working in local directory
-added reg settings to clean most common registry entries of previously installed Firefox versions prior to installing Firefox and after uninstalling Firefox
-fixed issue with right-click\install of "True" addon not copying firefox.inf to %17%
-added additional Ayakawa Versions
-added French language translation
-began cleaning up logfile
-fixed issue with extensions when there are 2 versions of the same extension on the system, the older version would be installed
-resolved (not fixed) issue with Ayakawa version 3.1b3pre crashing. This version is not compatible with the Vanilla 3.0.5 language files. The language files from Vanilla 3.0.5 are causing the crash.
-fixed issue when downgrading from 3.0.x to 2.0.0.x would cause crash in pigfoot version
-fixed copying unnecessary components

v0.515 - 11-13-08
-fixed issue with creating profiles
-fixed issue with paths
-added signons3.txt, cookies.sqlite, search.sqlite, formhistory.dat, downloads.sqlite, content-prefs.sqlite, downloads.rdf and formhistory.sqlite to Personal Options
-removed tabsaver.lst, delicious.*, firefly.err, *.json files from the exclude list
-change font from Comic Sans MS to Verdana
-change button and drop down boxes from fixed width to percentage of width
-increased initial screen size to 1280x800
-added scroll bars
-added options for creating Shortcuts
-added additional background images
-began adding click-able text for additional help information, this may eventually link to an external help file, in addition to info-tips
-moved working location to %Program Files%\Jonnyboy's Firefox Addon Maker and is installed via rar sfx, it also creates 2 shortcuts, 1 on the desktop and 1 under Start Menu\Programs\Firefox Addon Maker

v0.514 - 11-12-08
-fixed issue with modules, no longer attempting to copy if building 2.0.0.*

v0.513 - 11-11-08
-added text to explain some of the options
-fixed issue with running script multiple times
-moved working folder to %temp% folder

v0.512 - 11-11-08
-fixed typo

v0.511 - 11-11-08
-fixed issue with path for modules

v0.51 - 11-10-08
-fixed issue with firefox not being set as default
-added option to name the profile to create
-added option to name the folder location where your profile is stored
-added option to change background image, color and font colors
-added splash screen
-added progress marker in title bar
-added options to copy the modules folder in Firefox 3.0.*

v0.501 - 11-09-08
-fixed issue with localization
-fixed downloading only en-US
-fixed issue with global extensions
-added option to disable Compatibility Wizard

v0.50 - 11-08-08
-rewrote script using hta as front-end for vbscript
-removed the use of reg files
-added ability to save\load settings
-removed Adobe pdf plugin

v0.476 - 09-30-08
-disabled links for Ayakawa's SSE2 2.0.0.x version - it's not currently available from their website

v0.475 - 08-12-08
-added additional check for hidden files\folders
-added WGA 1.7.0069.3
-added OGA 1.7.0069.3

v0.474 - 08-09-08
-added Media Player Plugin
-added Office 2007 Plugin 12.0.4518.1014
-added QuickTime Player Plugin
-added Live Connect-Enabled Plugin
-added RealPlayer Plugin
-added Adobe PDF Plugin
-added Adobe Shockwave Plugin11.0.0.465
-added Macromedia Authorware Plugin 2004.0.0.1
-fixed typos

v0.473 - 08-07-08
-stopped editing 2.0.0.x install.rdf files to 3.*
-fixed bug where 7-zip would fail to extract file by adding script to use both versions of 7-zip
-merged log files

v0.472 - 08-03-08
-added log files for creation of addons
-fixed bug in filename with gsar
-fixed bug with 7-zip not creating addon on all systems

v0.471 - 08-03-08
-fixed bug that Resource Hacked all addons, regardless of choice

v0.47 - 08-02-08
-fixed bug that created empty cabs
-fixed bug that caused en-US download only of 3.0.x Firefox

v0.465 - 07-28-08
-added option to set Firefox as the default browser or not
-rewrote and added scripts that get file version and product version from files in Vista
-removed unnecessary scripts from the Bin folder
-Removed replace.exe and began using gsar.exe and vbscript to make string file edits
-front loaded the script, all user input is completed prior to completing any tasks
-moved all work inside of the logs folder and none of the created files are deleted, except
-cleaned up script to remove unnecessary calls to vbscript
-used nul instead of vbscript, wherever possible to keep script silent
-added more descriptive comments for each option
-removed options that weren't needed if firefox is not installed
-removed options that weren't needed if an optimized firefox was not chosen

v0.464 - 07-22-08
-added script to check the status of "Show Hidden Files" and give the option to change if necessary, if changed the script will reset to original setting
-fixed bug with silent addon breaking installation
-added option to choose installation folder
-changed script to get file version info as the script was failing on some systems
-changed script to add option to choose language as script was failing on some systems

-fixed bug downloading wrong file version
-bug fix

-added use all defaults option
-added option to not use custom icon
-added validation for folder and profile paths

-Removed all use of
-fixed bug in copying components properly

-added back in logging for wget
-added timeout option for wget so it won't crash if website is down temporarily
-added script to locate profile in non-default location
-fixed bug in getting proper language version of Firefox
-completed registry compatible with both Vista and XP
-move working to a sub-folder of the current folder

-front loaded all user input
-completed vista compatibility with inf installer
-added silent installer and silent addon, both made from inf
-added flags to the inf copyfiles directive (0x00000004) to ensure files all files are copied, this will give false failure in FGCBA

-removed runhiddenconsole.exe nesting issue
-Major rewrite and bug fix
-script will get all links and filenames
-added custom icon
-found reason FGCBA would fail if 7-zip was not properly installed, removed FGCBA until I can find a fix

-begin using replace.exe and stop using change.exe

-inf installer is completely uninstallable
-discontinued use of
-added script to edit all install.rdf files if necessary

-fixed bug where inf creation would fail for files with spaces in the filename
-corrected error messages when file links have changed or the server is unavailable
-added log file for FGCBA output

-added version check to check if newer version is available
-updated to Firefox 3.0
-added script to ease testing
-added error-checking to verify server was available and the file downloaded

-with some in installers, on the first run the web page will be blank, but after closing and reopening, it loads fine - looking for the cause
-added ability to create inf installer
-added ability to insert registry entries into the inf installer
-Added option to create addon using tete's SSE2 Optimized Files - using inf installer
-Added option to create addon using pigfoot's P3 Optimized Files - using inf installer

-updated to 7-zip v4.58 beta and a noticed a decrease in addon size
-Links to files will be located on central server - update no longer necessary for link change, making it easier to update links and to add additional builds
-Installation crashes *** Added option to create addon using tete's Optimized Files *** Removed

-Updated to Firefox 3.0rc3
-Updated to Ayakawa SSE2

-Changed the mechanism for locating the language
-Removed SSE2 branding, thus optimized without BonEcho name
-Removed Minefield name
-Changed SSE2 integration to localized files, installer and uninstaller only
-Made SSE2 versions completely localized (Thanks go eryen for the proper use of localized language files)

-Changed SSE2 3.0rc2 addon name from BonEcho to Minefield
-Verified silent installer works in Vista and XP
-Changed SSE2 integration process, now only using installer and uninstaller files
-Replaced and corrected****Removed Optimized SSE2 options****

-fixed numerous bugs

-Updated for Firefox 3.0rc2
-rewrote the way the language is decided
-Fixed creation of Entries_*.ini
-Edited validation to verify all downloads before continuing (loops until file is valid)
-Added log files for wget
-added log files for file copy operations

-Added ability to distinguish your current language and download the appropriate files

-Corrected error that was causing Firefox 3.0 installer to fail

-Corrected typo that caused option 1 to fail
-Changed working location from temp to current folder
-Changed output from desktop to current folder

-Created Multi-install for both 2.0.0.x and 3.0 Versions of Firefox

-Initial script to create addon of current 2.0.0.x Firefox and SSE2 Optimized Firefox